2016 Innovation Center Reflections: Bringing Products to Market

/2016 Innovation Center Reflections: Bringing Products to Market

2016 Innovation Center Reflections: Bringing Products to Market

As 2016 comes to a close, it is time to reflect upon the accomplishments of the Business Innovation Center (BIC) here in Silicon Valley. Since our founding three years ago, our team of 15 has taken the Konica Minolta core expertise and brought it into previously unchartered territory. We have made investments, built partnerships, sponsored events, and collaborated with customers to bring them new technologies, all in an effort to drive our creative innovations to the marketplace.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our products grow from early-stage concepts to commercialized brands. In the recent months, the BIC brought two portfolios to market under the Konica Minolta Business Solutions brand Workplace of the Future TM. First to market in September was the smart office technology, including a Telepresence Robot, Virtual Receptionist, Visitor Registration, followed by Workspace Management. The launch at the 2016 Dealer Summit, which brought together nearly 1000 dealers in the Konica Minolta network, marked the first event where the BIC showcased technology alongside that of the core business.

Ali Sheikh, BIC Business Associate and Workplace of the Future lead, noted the launch, “Validated that the BIC has a transformative impact on Konica Minolta,” and “The process of building a portfolio of leading technologies was not always easy, but I am extremely proud of our team, partners, and the Konica Minolta team.” The Workplace of the Future partnerships includes Double Robotics, ALICE the Receptionist, iPad Receptionist, and TEEM. Each gives a distinct value to the innovative marketplace, based in a customer-centric core concept.

This past month, our telemedicine initiative with SnapMD® formally entered the Workplace of the FutureTM portfolio. This Virtual Care Management platform allows providers to extend their reach of care by connecting with remote patients and providers through secure video, audio, and text. The launch follows an extensive pilot, where the BIC conducted market research and validated that telemedicine provides a valuable service to our existing and new healthcare customers.

JP Parmley, Director of the BIC’s healthcare strategy, stated that “We are innovating and driving around transformational solutions that improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs and improve the access to care.  Telemedicine is the first of several solutions in the pipeline that accomplish this while also moving Konica Minolta closer to the point of care.”

The Workplace of the FutureTM, including smart office and telemedicine, represents only a fraction of our ongoing work at the BIC. We are actively executing on holistic strategies in our focus areas, through continued development and partnerships. The marketplace of innovate technology provides a customer pipeline and market-testing base that is ever changing and the BIC is fluid with meeting the demands of this market. To see the vision of a customer focused industry come to life and make a positive impact in the marketplace only furthers the BIC’s resolve to continue to seek out the new and improved ideas and avenues.

Please reach out if you are interested in learning more about our solutions or if you are an emerging company with promising technology.




Ekta Sahasi is Vice President of the US Business Innovation Center (BIC) for Konica Minolta in Foster City, Ca. She is an entrepreneur and technologist passionate about leading fundamental business and cultural transformation, and investing in new ventures and technologies across diverse industries. The BIC partners with leading technology companies to create new world-class software, services and a portfolio of new businesses capabilities for Konica Minolta. Prior to joining Konica Minolta, Ekta spent 10 years at eBay Inc. where she co-founded and led both eBay and PayPal’s Research and Innovation Labs. She successfully developed one of the largest corporate innovation programs, and experimented with emerging technologies.

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