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Driven by Customer-Centric Innovation

The Business Innovation Center embodies Konica Minolta’s Commitment to sustained customer-centric innovation, continued evolution, and transformation.

“The objective of the Business Innovation Center is to support our global customer base — from large enterprises to small companies – by understanding how the market shifts are driving change in their needs and aspirations.”
– Ekta Sahasi, VP Business Innovation Center, North America | Forbes 2016

Startup Agility In a Global Enterprise

We’re a startup within the global technology company Konica Minolta. Launched in 2014, along with 4 other global Business Innovation Centers, we’re the eyes and ears of Konica Minolta here to drive customer-centric solutions. By championing corporate innovation and expanding core expertise, we’re driving the next generation of Konica Minolta.

Meet Our Team

Ekta Sahasi
Vice President

Sooketoo Bhuta
Operations Lead

Jean-Marc Mommessin
New Ventures Lead, Intelligence

JP Parmley
Healthcare Solutions Director

Ilan Jude
Investment M & A Lead

Jennifer Wu
New Ventures Lead, Workplace

Kumar Viswanth
Technology Lead

Kamlesh Keswani
Principal Program Manager

USS Uppuluri
Principal Incubation Lead

Celeste Henkelmann
Strategic Marketing Manager

Ali Sheikh
Business Associate, Workplace

Yalan Lai
Business Associate, Healthcare

Cat Abad
Project + Product Manager

Jaimee Gorospe
Exec Assistant

Want to join the adventure ?

We're Hiring
We're Hiring