Continued Customer Driven Innovation in Healthcare

/Continued Customer Driven Innovation in Healthcare

Continued Customer Driven Innovation in Healthcare

It has been just over a year since we launched the inaugural Healthcare Advisory Council (HAC) to foster customer driven innovation within the BIC. As we closed out Q2, we also executed the third HAC meeting in Nashville, TN with nine executive level council members from highly regarded healthcare organizations across the nation and five U.S. Konica Minolta executives. What made this meeting special was the addition of two Japan executives: President of Global Healthcare, Kiyotaka Fuji and Executive Officer, Yuji Ichimura.

This 2-day discussion, facilitated by PwC, provided the BIC with ongoing input that is helping form new opportunities in the Value-based-Care environment including population health, AI based clinical platforms, patient engagement and other emerging technologies. We heard first-hand the market‘s unmet needs and how they are affecting the ability to deliver quality care. The content of the HAC discussions is helping the BIC to build innovative solutions and bring them to market with confidence of their relevancy and value.

During the discussion, we introduced two start-up companies that the BIC has been engaged with and allowed them to present in a “Shark Tank” style format. We obtained valuable feedback on how we might work with these companies, what game changing technology existed and what problems they truly solved. This portion of the 2 days is one of the highest rated sections from our members as they feel a part of our due diligence team.

The investments made in the HAC represents the commitment Konica Minolta has in transforming our position in the healthcare markets with emerging high-value, technology enabled solutions. With dedication and a One KM approach, we have an opportunity to distance ourselves from our traditional competitors and advance the Konica Minolta brand.

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