BIC and the Art of Disruption Expo

/BIC and the Art of Disruption Expo

BIC and the Art of Disruption Expo

The BIC was on display at The 2015 Art of Disruption Business Conference and Expo in Los Angeles, which brought over 1,000 dealers together to discuss opportunities in enterprise, healthcare, education, hospitality, and legal industries. BIC was there showcasing some of our innovative partners and exciting new offerings.

“This is an unprecedented event for Konica Minolta and we are thrilled to bring together an impressive group of industry leaders who have helped fuel the growth of our industry,” says Kevin P. Kern, senior vice president, Marketing. “Our Business Innovation Centers are rapidly growing worldwide to meet the demands of the marketplace and every conceivable need in workplace automation and security resulting in profound changes in the world and in our daily lives.”

Some of our exciting technologies included a few robots: Knightscope brought their crime-fighting robots, and Savioke’s hospitality robot delivered a note and a Snickers to Konica Minolta COO Rick Taylor. In addition to our partners, some of BIC’s own in-house products made their debut. Our DRM software which allows complete control over all digital documentation; KnowledgeHub – the game-changer in data management that enables easy consolidation of data, and access to critical information; and Paper Security which will increase the productivity, efficiency, and confidence of businesses around the world.

Some highlights of the Expo included a hilarious Keynote by outspoken Golf Channel host David Feherty, and an inspiring talk by Robert Herjavec, entrepreneur and lead shark on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’.

Below you can see Konica Minolta CEO Shoei Yamana, and the BIC’s own Vice President, Ekta Sahasi, speak about the BIC’s vision for cultivating emerging technologies to solve current and future customer needs in a process of sustained innovation.


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